Today's theme for "ourt AI" on June 14th was "Butterflies". This was a theme that made realists cry. Even if you chose a large swallowtail butterfly, it would be too small as a subject, and if you took a photo with a beautiful girl, the butterfly would not stand out. Even if you take a close-up photo of a butterfly and place a beautiful girl behind it, the result will be a typical photo of a beautiful girl staring at a butterfly. If you change the idea and have a beautiful model cosplay as a butterfly, photorealism tends to result in a cheap art-style gravure. Actually, as of June 14th, I didn't have any other good ideas, so I had no choice but to create a cosplay image of a butterfly, but when I looked back at it, I was still embarrassed, so I deleted it. This time, I tried to recreate that cosplay in the world of striptease. This way, your butterfly cosplay won't be embarrassing. Because what you do on stage is much more embarrassing. (lol)
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